In Between Leg Machines

So I've probably started 3 different blog post drafts at this point and I just don't even know where to start. Often by the time I start to think of something to write about it's when I'm also becoming less coherent from the percocet.  For instance, I just wrote that sentence three times as I kept falling asleep mid-writing. >.< Though, last night I could barely sleep at all because of the pain... Isn't that ironic? Don't you think? It's like rainnnnnn on your wedding dayyyyy... Oh yeah, ya see? I am a bittttt loopy.... :-P


🔄 Meet the CPM Machine.

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I believe it's important that I take this time to officially thank my boyfriend and father for being here and supporting me in the best of the worst of it all. The perc definitely brings up lots of OCD and anxiety for the simplest tasks. Thank you for taking care of me. We are starting to get into a rythym of how to get me in and out of bed and switch between the Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine and the Game Ready machine much quicker than day one. Who knows, maybe by next week I'll even be able to actually control the muscles in my right leg and get out of bed myself. Wouldn't that be nice... Like everything, these things take practice and we are starting to work more and more like a team and see lots of change in my leg already. :) 


Currently I lay in bed still half dosing off while enjoying the sweet sounds of miss Emily Haines as my leg is being bent up to 30 degrees and back down with the CPM machine. Each time I use this machine, the first few times it bends my leg are always a bit intense and I pray that it doesn't just snap my leg off as it reaches the top. This process then continues for ohhhhh TWO HOURS. Yes, it's as exciting as it sounds and It's hard not to worry that it might put too much pressure on my knee, but here is one of those moments where I have to just trust that my doctor knows what he's doing and do what I'm instructed. For the first 3-5 days I bend up to 30 degrees and then progress 5 more degrees each day after that until I reach 100 degrees. [OhGod, please help me!] 


It's important I continue to remind myself how far that I've already come since my surgery on Tuesday. The amount of pain and anger I was in day one and two was so much that it honestly all kind of blends together in my mind. Now, only a few days later, I am graduating to my first shower without the bandage and will actually get to see the state of my knee! I know there is still a lot more pain and many hours of mindless leg bending ahead, but I am so happy to have gotten the worst part out of the way. 

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful support on the day of my surgery. It means the world to have all this positive energy sent our way. 

With love,

<3 -Eoin Thomas