Preparing for Surgery

Well I have officially been cut off from water or food until my surgery tomorrow. >.< January 13th begins the next stage of 2015 where I undergo a knee cartilage surgery to repair a small hole in my femur (about 5 millimeters to be exact). I plan to sleep in as long as possible since I can't have any breakfast but I guess portably should indulge in one last standing shower for what's going to be quite a while... That's right, you heard me, we've purchased a sexy transfer bench for the shower that will be part of my daily routine for the next chunk of time.

I spent all day running [well, hobbling] around the city doing errands for things I knew I wouldn't be able to do for quite a while. You know, the important stuff like getting my last mani-pedi before I'm no longer able to bend my leg. Picking up my prescription of pain medication that of course my doctor's office seemed to have misplaced. And last but not least, shopping at Trader Joe's for countless snacks that will fill my time in between episodes of Dance Moms. Things are getting done, and it feels equally exciting and nerve-racking to finally be at the day of my surgery. I am so glad to finally be done with being in constant pain and move towards a path of recovery.

My only real memory of surgery is when I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 18 or 19. I remember hating the happy gas because it made me super OCD about the IV they were putting into my arm, but after that all I remembered was waking up after it was done. From what I recall [feel free to chime in mom]  I was pretty okay and coherent right after surgery, but then a few hours later the pain began to set it and so did the tears. Uncontrollable sadness for something I could not control, and had been ripped out of my gums. I guess I'm a little nervous that this time around I'll wake up and be super disoriented. I'm worried that I could wake up and my leg could have gotten much worse in the last 6 months from when I originally got my MRI. And most of all I'm worried that my leg may never feel quite normal. With all of these thoughts the fact that I'm thinking this beforehand is always a good I sign right? I'm getting the freak out part out of the way. (Perhaps reading the 36 page document titled "Preparing for Surgery" will do that to you...)

My father arrived this evening and is going to be living with us for a week to help nurse and cook for me while I recover. During the first 4-6 weeks, I am not allowed to bear any weight on my leg at all, so it will be very nice to have someone at home with me throughout the day for at least that first week. As time continues we will see how quickly thing start to heal. This is a time about listening to my body and taking it easy, and yes lots of Netflix and crafting.

Send your positive vibes into the word this morning, I'll take all the love I can get.

We're getting to the hospital around 8:30 AM , with the surgery starting around 10:30, leaving a few hours later. Here's to a long day a head of us.

Sweet Dreams.

<3 -Eoin Thomas