Playlist of the Week #6

Goodness, time is just flying by isn't?

Today was truly a day of catching up. I am currently working with a knee cartilage injury, and it is definitely changing the pace of my life right now. In these transitions of seasons, I find it so important to remember to stay positive. Though, it is true, bad things do happen in life. To be honest, quite often very little goes just as planned, but I believe the more we can be okay with these changes and keep moving forward the better.To practice keeping our focus on what we are doing right now. I think they call that like, being present or something? *plays with hair?* :P


No, but in all seriousness, have a great Wednesday evening. Give yourself credit for everything that you do and keep moving forward surrounding yourself with people that help you to be your best self.

And don't forget to listen to some good music. ;)


<3 - Eoin Thomas