Playlist of the Week #10

Well Hello There!

Well in the world of Eoin, it has been quite a busy week already! Having woken up at 4:30AM this morning to teach yoga, I then spent the rest of the day in search for a new apartment. Yes, I am one of those lucky New Yorkers renting from an owner who wanted their apartment back for their grandchild that doesn't even want to live there. aka. DUMB. But, c'est la vie! 'Tis a change of season and a true chance to purge any clutter in my life at this apartment and move forward in the new year...and hopefully have an excuse to get all pinterest-DIY-like.

I mean for goodness sake, I've already started to make my kombucha and everything...


No but really, my scobie needs a name. :-P

All in all, life is good. I have just updated my portfolio with a video I recorded with my friend Andrew singing Different from Honk! So def, go and check it out :P


This week's Playlist of the Week starts slow and picks up quick. With a few classic favorites it is bound to keep your week going strong. Comment below if you have any suggestions for PLOTW themes! :)

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

<3 - Eoin Thomas