Playlist of the Week #9

Happy Monday World!

This week's playlist of the week was inspired by Pitbull. (I know, I know... just wait) I went to see the season finale of America's got talent this last Wednesday with some friends, and got to see Pitbull perform his newest single: Fireball with the Rockettes! Hands down the best performance of the evening, though Quintavious Johnson singing with Jennifer Hudson was QUITE stunning and a close second. What I love about the Rockettes is that all of the dancers dance with such a level of grace and specifity that is so fun to watch. The syncroncity of their movement along with the driving bass line of Fireball was mesmerizing.

Thanks for a great performance! :)

In Fact, take a look for yourself:

(P.S. Look closely for a close up of my boyfriend hanging out with Pitbull as he walks down the aisle. Why I didn't move into the aisle too? I will never know... :P)


In other news, today marks the first day of fall. (GASP!) A.K.A. the fall equinox. 

Told to me by a fellow yogi, Elise, "Today is all about balance. Today is the day where there are both equal parts day light and night." Observing balance, how fun. *rolls eyes* It can be difficult to remember that balance means that there is good and bad. It is normal during this time of year to get in touch with perhaps the dark sides of your life. Take anything that happens right now as a chance to observe what is going on. When are you happy, when are you sad or stressed, surround yourself with people that you are your best self around. :)


And with that, enjoy some new music: 

Playlist of the week #9


<3 - Eoin Thomas


I Started a Vine... Shhhh... ;P