A Manhattan Monday

This past week I spent an amazing afternoon on Monday running around Lincoln Center. Naturally, a place for some great jumping photos. :P Starting the afternoon with manhattans and lunch at Robert, followed by Lincoln where we had... well let's just say we were loving Manhattan that day... I began to reminisce about the first time I came to visit Lincoln Center as a senior in high school during a choir field trip. 

*Hint* My hair is brown in this photo... :P 

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In fact, if you look closely at this photo on your right, you may even recognize a younger version of me at a very familiar place. SOMEWHERE. Me and Serena are just hangin' out in there. OMG- Serena, Love you! And in fact to all of you choir folk: I miss you all! :) Plus my father is in there somewhere too! Oh goodness, I have forgotten all about "chaperones" and "field trips" [those shouldn't really be in quotations, right?].

I remember when my choir came to visit and sing in New York City in 2006 and on our first night in our giant mega bus, we did not have enough time to visit Times Square before going to the Hotel to check-in. *GASP!* Why it mattered what time we checked in, I'll never  know... However, after consistent persuading and I assume complaining, we were granted the compromise of a drive by of Times Square. All of us pressed into the rubber windowsills craning our necks to get a look at even a glimpse of the  corner of the Viacom Building or Virgin Megastore [REMEMBER THAT? - Oh how I always loved wasting time in there looking at $10 CD's I'd often never purchase...].  Fame hungry teens pawing at a taste of city life. Mesmerized by this city's life of hustle and bustle and dreams that do come true. Little did I know, as a New Yorker that Times Square would quickly become a place I would dread to be unless en route to the Theatre...  :P

Because you just have to... [Close your mouth!] :P

It is such a wonderful thing to live in a city where people fly to from all over the world to come and visit and see with their own eyes. Living in a city full of opportunity can easily be taken for granted if one isn't careful. Being near Lincoln Square, and other iconic places like Radio City and Times Square help remind me to look up and appreciate the space that I am in. It is so refreshing to notice a detail that you walk by every day for the first time.

Look for stars lining the buildings in the West Village, exuberant Gargoyles parading the corners of the Upper West Side, and iconic buildings you might completely miss on your rushed trip to the Home Depot on 23rd St. ;)

Never stop looking for inspiration around you. It can be so easy to focus on what we are telling ourselves and it is often better to simply listen and observe the world around us for a moment in order to figure out our next step. Stop and take the time to sit. Find rest, find play, and don't ever forget to look up.

Before I moved to New York I was given that same advice: to Look Up. I cannot thank that friend enough. When I see people running underground with their heads buried in their florescent boxes, or walking aimlessly through the streets of New York without ever lifting up their head [from something that must be important, right?] it always reminds me to slow down, take a deep breath and look around. 

I will leave you this evening with one of my favorite quotes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

<3 -Eoin Thomas


Big Thanks to everyone at Robert and Licoln in helping to celebrate my love's birthday, and of course for all the lovelllly Manhattans. I definitely recommend either restaurants for a beautiful pre-show drink or intimate dinner with excellent service. Followed by an even Bigger Thank You to our good friends over at TheatreMama for dancing around the city with us! :)

Manhattan, we devoured you.


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