Handstand Homework


Trying to work on your handstand press up ? Start slow!

Play around with bringing more and more weight on your hands - practice getting your hips over your hands even with your toes still on the ground. Watch this short video for the progression: start by coming on to your toes, and then graduate to lifting and hovering your feet above the ground an inch or two. And keep going up! - Make your goal to come off the ground steadily and controlled.

Breathe deeply and practice each day going up as high as you can doing 10-20 times a session. Each day try to go a little higher. :)

Finish your homework with a handstand variation of your choice and you will find that even if you kick into a handstand it will be much stronger after working on pressing up (or you'll just be tired :P). Either way practice, have fun, and #doitagain. My favorite variation right now: handstand tiger. :) 


Try it at home and tag me @MrSharkey if you make a video.

-Eoin Thomas