Let it Go

It was 5:00AM and as I was walking through the Gershwin Theatre entrance area to get to the subway for my morning commute and iPhone by chance shuffles to the Pentatonix cover of "Let it Go" (IDINA!). As I continued to walk through the arches I had a revelation that I must make this a tradition. Walking by the Gershwin is so inspiring, I am excited to be living in midtown manhattan now to make the possibility of seeing theatre SO much easier. [Note to self*- actually buy tickets for shows this year!]

Trying not to skip, I continue my slow walk to Rockefeller as my cold fingers begin stick to my cane with onset frostbite. For as long as I can remember I've been very good at always packing warm clothes with me, and then never wearing them. It always just seemed to be so much of a pain to take on and off gloves and jackets most of the time, though I think it's more of a fashion choice than anything. I just cannot always bare to wear a black trench coat. I need to find a jacket this year that has some amount of color in it. 

As it becomes more and more the season of being brainwashed by advertisements and desires for constant overeating it's time for all these holiday parties. And boy, do I feel like I need to get a move on getting a tree... having taken a vacation a week and a half after we moved into this new apartment, I'm going to be pleased if we even get fully unpacked before christmas, let alone decorate anything. :P We have seen such wonderfully decorated apartments, fashionably ugly christmas sweaters and with all our favorite christmas songs and movies playing in the background you cannot help but feel a little christmas cheer streaking thru the streets of New York. Also, the Veuve may have helped a little too.

With christmas quickly approaching now, it's time to pretend that I have any time to shop for things that I'm probably not supposed to be buying anyways and then just end up ordering on amazon. Now, Getting in to the age where we start to forget about any magical christmas surprises, but expect rational gifts like socks and underwear to replace our collection of sad single socks, I will continue to insist we put out cookies for Santa just so that I make sure I can eat a few reject cookies. 

Until then, tomorrow is another busy day on the set of Trivia Night, and I am in definite need of beauty sleep. Since I'm trying this new thing where I don't stay up super late and I'm realizing that I've now going on being awake from 20 hours, I think its time for bed. 

The Cold Doesn't Bother Me Anyway.

Till Tomorrow,

-Eoin Thomas