Santa's coming

Thanksgiving Day Parade - 2014

It is just me or does everyone else feel like this year is zooming on by? Although perhaps taking a vacation just before the holidays has something to do with this weird loss of time. Me and my boyfriend just spent the past month traveling over Asia visiting Tokyo, Japan and Thailand. Now, being sandwiched between two similarly draining holidays it is lovely trying to get anything done. Getting back in the swing of things is always weighed against another holiday event, or tv special. )

I have currently spent the last three days going through pictures of my trip and just wait, there's some pretty epic ones! :P

As I get ready to now teach some yoga, I look around my living room and realize it is indeed time to decorate for Christmas. With some random scattered Krinkles, and a bowl of christmas lights that are way too bright for the naked eye it seems that it's time to get a tree. 

I spent today looking through christmas carols for a potentially over ambitious goal of recording some christmas music before the new year. :P If you haven't listened to Kelly Clarkson's Underneath the Tree, umm well you MUST. I've basically been singing it all day.

This afternoon, I had the honor of teaching a small group of yogis. It's great to be back in New York and, while I miss the beaches of Thailand, it feels good to be rejuvenated again in this change of season. 

This evening, as I wait for my not-as-good Thai food to be delivered, I begin the countdown for the #PeterPanLive !  :) I am hoping this one is a little more rehearsed than the Sound of Music. ***Of course it has started- And so far Ive realized that I always forget how long this show is... and I was in it! The Pirate scenes always seem to be so slow... But so far I am loving what Allison Williams is doing with the script and am excited to see the rest. #LiveTweet with me if you're on twitter!

Second star to the right and straight on till morning! 


<3 - Eoin Thomas