Happy Halloween!

I hope you had the best halloween yet and aren't just suffering from a bloody punch hangover. Cause well, that's NO fun. :P Halloween this year for me was right in between an apartment move and a vacation trip to Asia. Needless to say, it was quite a busy week already and of course I decided to have a last minute party. What a Great Idea! 

Having just moved out of our old apartment, it seemed like a great opportunity to finally have an empty apartment party [A.k.A. When the there is no more furniture in said apartment- thus making it a prime dance floor] so we set out to buy as much cobweb making cotton, and other decorations for our apartment. Shopping for halloween in New York city is a monster in itself. During the month of october a hundred different Halloween Pop Up stores emerge, and existing ones bump up their prices to match, if they havent already. So basically, you go to each individual pop up store hoping they just might have what you need in stock. Or you realize that you have to go to one of the larger (more expensive) stores to get your costume. [P.S. Note to Self: remember to do halloween shopping online at the BEGINNING of october next year. ;)] With a strong desire to do something inspired by the haunted house, I decided to be a Zombie. With white contacts ordered and hopefully arriving in time, all I had to do was make sure I had some white make up, some blood, and clothes I could destroy. 

I pretty much spent the entire day of Halloween installing cobwebs all throughout the abandoned house. I then realize that of course I still have not figured out what I am actually doing with my costume. I reach for the nearest sharp object- in this case a bottle opener on a swiss army knife (so epic) and begin to hack away at the shorts that already have crotch holes in them. I put on a white tee-shirt, and begin to rip open some holes as someone who's been buried alive might? I want to make my makeup simple, but creepy. Adding white as a base foundation I then shaded with greys and blacks before adding a bloody nose, cut on my neck and a blood-dripping eye. Finishing off with some white eyeliner and bumble and bumble white hair powder for some creepy texture, it seemed to be great timing as the first guest walked into the apartment right after i finished! Phew! 

The night continued with a dance floor full of people in costumes ranging from an instagram photo frame, a giraffe, Andy Warhol, and a man riding an ostrich (my bf, duh). lol Let's just say we had such a great time seeing everyone and will miss this place lots! With strobe lights, dry ice, and lots of laughs, it was an awesome way to bid farewell to the hobbit house. <3

Some photo favorites from the evening::

If you've got more photos, tag em #HobbitHalloween :)

We then ventured late in to the night wandering around midtown manhattan taking photos with random new yorkers in costume. [Always a favorite thing to do on halloween.]

Posing w/ &nbsp; @king.the.goal.digga
Posing w/  @Aishwarya0830

Posing w/ @Aishwarya0830

AND, Since I've been behind on my playlists of this weeks this last week with the move I present to you my Halloween playlist!!::

Take a listen and start your own belated halloween party in your own home right now! :) 

Now, the packing has begun for Asia where we'll be visiting Tokyo, Bangkok, and Phuket. I am soooo ready to escape New York for a bit and experience a completely different country and culture. With many food recommendations and countless episodes of famous chef's reviews of Tokyo and Bangkok, I can only imagine how full I'm going to be from all the sushi and Thai food we will most likely eat. YUMMMM. Naturally, we will then of course return back to America during the REAL start of winter... but let's just take this one step at a time, shall we?

Have a great start to you week!

- Eoin Thomas


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