Eoin Thomas H. Sharkey was born at 5:47 PM in Dublin, California (about an hour north of San Francisco) on April 4th, 1989. He was born into a loving and supportive family with a mom, dad, and an older sister (and a cat named boo).

And Yes, he has two first names: Eoin (prounounced like "owen"), & Thomas. (Like, Mary Catherine Gallagher or Johnathan Talor Thomas) You can say Either one, or Both.

At age 3, his family moved to Washington state, where he spent most of his adolescent life.

Eoin Thomas began his performing career at a very young age with countless productions in his living room with his sister. In fact, a perfect day in the life of Eoin is dressing up, creating a character, and filming a show with his friends. His first professional production was as Young Abel in Stephen Schwartz's Children of Eden at age 10 at Village Theatre. [ Some day I'll find a photo of the amazing silver unitard I wore, becuase it was amazeballs. ] Village Theatre quickly became Eoin Thomas' second home. Thoughout middle school and high school, Eoin continued to study musical theatre, yoga, violin, piano, drums, guitar, as well as musical theory. Eoin Thomas was a member of Skyline High School's Concert Chorale, Vocal Jazz group, and was also a vocalist in his Lutheran Church Rock Band.

Between Village Theatre, Youth Theatre Northwest, and 5th Avenue Theatre's youth programs the Seattle area offered lots of opportunitites to be creative growing up. When he wasn't in school, he was performing.

During his junior and senior years at Skyline High School, Eoin began studying college level coursework in Bellevue University's Running Start Program. (As if he wasn't doing enough already.) So, not only did he perform in every theatrical production during high school, take the "normal" school courses, but after every rehearsal was driving straight to Bellevue to take evening classes in US History, Poetry Writing, and Script Writing. Truly, it was the best decision because it allowed him to study things like math and history at a college pace. Thus, making room in his schedule for more tactical skills like Music Technology, Digital Imaging, Theatre, and IB French (bien sûr).

In Eoin's Last year of school, he traveled to France with his classmates touring Paris, Toulouse, Carcasonne, Marseille, and Nice (and probably other cities I forget). After the tour, he continued on with his friend Heidi's family to live in Europe for another two months traveling around the south of France and Switzerland visiting Juan-Les-Pains, Geneva, Lucerne, Porquerolles, and Zürich. It was très decadent.

After High School, Eoin Thomas started to work for Starbucks Coffee Company where he learned to master the art of multitasking and making latte art. Starbucks is the the true definiton of the word "Corporate." It is a company designed around a standards of service, where Eoin learned how to open a new store, close a failed location, and have a smile on his face even when pouring an americano down his shoe.

While living in Seattle, Eoin attended Cornish College of the Arts where he studied Musical Theatre with performance emphasis from 2007-2008. He continued to study voice and modern dance, paired with electives like Art History and Gender Studies. Honestly, Cornish was a wonderful school, but it was just not what they made it seem like during their open house. So,one day on a trip back from New York City for an audition, Eoin knew it was time to make the jump.

Eoin Thomas began to work at the front desk of Seven Salon in Seattle to save up for the move. The goal: work as much as you can until you raise $5,000. In fact, people often ask him "How do you just MOVE?"
Well first, 1. Buy a one way ticket.
Second, 2. replace going out with friends every night with going to the gym.
And Lastly, 3. Ask friends in that city if they know anyone that needs a roommate.

Eoin Thomas moved to New York City on May 29th, 2009, had a job interview the 30th, and started working as a front desk coordinator at Bumble and Bubmle the next day. T'was a whirlwind of a weekend as it just so happened that on his first day of work, Eoin also met someone whose personality washed over him rather quickly leaving him feeling, well, let's just say: in need of conditioner.

Shortly after, Eoin suffered from a hamstring injury. With increasing sciatic pain, even the simplest of tasks became painful. And of course, lacking a reliable health insurance at the time, Eoin went in search of rehabilitation in eastern medicine. Having already been practicing Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga for 8 years at that point, and with the recommendation from his coworker Lisa, he took his first hot yoga class.

During Eoin Thomas's first Bikram Yoga class, he knew he wanted to teach it. Ever since Eoin was a litle kid he loved to teach [ my sister tells me that I used to teach little group exercise routines to all the neighboors before I can even remember ]. And while yoga alone didn't instantly heal his hamstring injury, it definitely taught him to slow down and find some rythym in his New York life (and yes, get super flexible).

That next fall in 2010, Eoin decide to leave is comfortable corporate job managing the front desk at Bumble and bubmle, and went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego, CA. And while explaining teacher training is definitely a story for a later date, it was a 3-Month intensive workshop that shaped his life forever (and by workshop, I mean brainwashing). At the training, Eoin Thomas and 308 other trainees took two classes a day, sat in long lectures, posture clinics, anatomy trainings, and yes quite a few bollywood movies. The average day was about 19 hours of non-stop yoga therapy. And it was awesome.

Eoin's training was one of the only trainings that Bikram Choudhury taught every evening class. It was also one of the last trainings that Emmy Cleaves and Rajashree Choudhury taught more than just one class, but in fact each led a week of lectures and classes. So, albiet it was intense at times, the trainees from San Diego were blessed with a thorough understanding of yoga therapy and how to apply what they learned into their teaching.

At this point, let us all not forget that the reason Eoin moved to New York was to pursue Musical Theatre... because he did. Having now gotten a little side tracked with a career in fitness, Eoin began to focus his energy on training for yoga asana competitions, and attending advanced trainings around the country... with the occasional audition. Eoin Thomas began to teach full time traveling between 7 different yoga studios in New York, Brooklyn and Baltimore and competed in the New York Regional Yoga Asana Championships in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

After a few years of teaching yoga full time, Eoin Thomas decided to cut down his teaching schedule and add more dance back into his life again. So in 2012, Eoin attended Broadway Dance Center's year-long training program where he studied Ballet and Theatre dance. Taking 12 dances classes a week for 12 months... was a lot, but the lessons he learned were invaluable. Getting to work with choreographers in both the theatre and commercial industries, Eoin began to book more dance work outside of the classroom. In fact, Eoin was awarded an Outstanding Student Award for his efforts in class, and finished the year performing in the student showcase as the lead in a hip-hop/contemporary piece.

Naturally, it was a time for a vacation. At the 2013 New York Human Rights Campaign gala, Eoin and his partner at the time bid on a trip to Thailand, and definitely got bit by the travel bug. Eoin continued teach yoga, and dance in between traveling to cities like to London, Paris, Amsterdam, The Bahamas, Toronto, Montréal, Barcelona, Peurto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Marteen... you know, just to name a few. Each step of the way, documenting his travels with photography and film.

Could it be that Eoin was trying to escape New York? probably.

Unfortunately, while Eoin was traveling to Amsterdamn in 2014 (the last stop of a three country trip), his right leg started to give out on him. And when your leg starts to not be able to hold your weight at age 25, you know there's a problem. It turned out that 5 years of non-stop dancing, traveling, yoga-ing, and teaching [on top of staying up all night & running around new york] finally took a toll on Eoin's leg. To be exact, he developed a 5 milimeter hole in his femur. Clearly, a sign to slow down.

The blessing of it all? Eoin got to learn even more about anatomy and alignment throughout his own recovery. Eoin's competitive and flexible body was now practicing yoga in a chair in between physical therapy sessions. Simple tasks became difficult, difficult tasks felt impossible, and dancing seemed very far away.

To fill that creative hole, Eoin starts to document more and more of his life through film. Going back to his middle school roots of being in video club, he edits videos for the world to see life thru his eyes. Capturing tragic moments like the Paris Attacks in 2015, and beautiful views one might miss when walking through a busy city.

In 2015 & 2016, Eoin continues to travel, film, and focuses his acting on more commercial work (since being in a broadway musical dancing in 10 shows a week probably isn't the best idea anymore...). In between gigs, and fitness clients he continued to travel to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Maucua, Jamacia, and Mexico. And with more travels over seas, Eoin got a taste of the ocean life and began to miss the open air that New York City fails to offer. With an increasing desire to be closer to his family on the west coast that concided with an end to a long-term relationship, and it was time to move on from New York for a bit.

Three years after his knee surgery, On January 13th, 2017 (and yep, it was a friday!) Eoin Thomas moved to Los Angeles, California.
And can I just say? Best Coast West Coast!

Eoin Thomas currently lives in Silverlake, Los Angeles (aka East of Hollywood) and has been adding event production, website design, and social media management to his resume, helping companies to define their brand and reach more hearts with his content. In addition to acting and modeling, Eoin Thomas continues to document his own life with film, music, photography, and writing. In his spare time, Eoin teaches fitness, and volunteers at addiction treatment facilities to teach Yoga and Meditation. This Fall, Eoin can be seen in the upcoming movie Saving Flora.

And, If there's one thing that Eoin Thomas would like you to know 😉 it's that he loves and supports you for being YOU. 💌

EDEN! :)

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